New Patio Pots

Finally, after years of neglect, I have some new patio pots - and just because the Garden Club ladies are visiting the Moosey Garden!

 Easy and popular.
Yellow Chrysanthemums

Instant cheap colour is required for a patio, so I've chosen some bulky cheery yellow Chrysanthemums and some pretty pink daisies. They were both rescued, desperate for a drink of water, from a supermarket shelf.

 Pretty colours!
New Patio Pots

I've gone for last decade's 'daring' - my new pots are angular and blue, making a good contrast with pretty flowers and strong foliage.

Style and Class

Then style and class is needed to counterbalance the cutesy and colourful, so I've chosen that politically correct iconic New Zealand look.

Spiky and Green

It's spiky and green - a Cordyline, or Cabbage Tree. I adore these plants - often they start life in a pot and see out their larger days planted somewhere in the garden.

Green Goddess Cordyline

I love the variety of Cordyline called Green Goddess - she has fat leaves and a fat trunk. She doesn't wobble or drop many dead leaves, like the taller varieties can. She's one rather robust lady!

Her broad leaves are short and stiff, and look extremely beautiful. Now I have two green Mini-Goddesses on the patio to keep my older lady company. Growth is reasonably quick, too - and her needs are simple.

 Beautiful foliage.

Pepper Tree in a Pot

To show that not all native New Zealand plants are green and predictable, I've potted a young Pseudowintera (we call this a Pepper Tree, or Horopito) and placed it next to the blue pot.

Sizzling Colour

Red blotches in front of a blue background - now that's a sizzling colour combination!

So last decade's 'daring' meets today's eco-sourced foliage friendly - on the Moosey house patio. My new creations will hopefully dazzle (and puzzle) the Garden Club ladies.