Canna Lilies in Pots

Even the largest of pots can suffer from my forgetful summer watering habits. But there's no excuse for the large pots of striped Canna lilies on the decking by the pond. My daily summer routine first thing is to fill the plastic watering can and drench them. Well, it should be!

Cannas in Pots

Not many flowers...

Cannas have never done very well planted in my garden. I've obviously never chosen the right locations - or maybe there hasn't been enough concentrated heat, or water (oops). Favourites, like the striped Bengal Tigers, have tended to sulk, and my winter frosts haven't helped. I've never had many flowers, either.

 Absolutely beautiful stripes!
Bengal Tiger Canna Foliage

So some years ago I dug them all up and put them in pots, so they could over-winter in the glasshouse. Lazy me - they've all stayed put, occasionally popped into a larger pot and given a fresh load of potting mix. Every spring out they come, to be piled up on the pond decking near Pond Cottage.

Water, water!

In Canada I saw a pot of Cannas completely submerged in water. What a beautiful look! Is this what mine have been missing, I wonder? So just for a treat I sometimes dunk mine in the pond.

 A green striped Canna, and another plant, name unknown to me.
Cannas in Reflection Pool