Plant, Pot, Position...

Browsing my Fine Gardening magazines, I see the most beautifully planted containers. I have photographs of beautifully presented pots in open gardens. Putting the right plant in the right pot in the right place is definitely an acquired skill.

 I loved this trio, waiting in line for the ladies rest room...
Vegetables in Pots

Then factor in the ability of the gardener to keep things in containers growing happily. Oops. In the harsh reality of my summer sun, watering twice each day is necessary. If I forget, the potting mix dries out in an instant. Watering is then hopeless - it all dribbles out the bottom. Pouff! Gone.

 I love these purple alliums!
Best Garden Experience - Visiting Chanticleer

Possibly the best, most stylish and effective pots I've ever seen have been very large and very empty. They also have been positioned perfectly in their garden borders. I also adore collections of smaller, eclectic, whimsical containers, clustered together at a house entrance.

 A New Zealand garden.
Grasses in Terracotta - Flaxmere Gardens

Alas, attempts in my garden to copy these concepts have fallen short. I lack the artistic eye (and the budget) to ever buy a pot big enough, the right colour, shape and texture, to complement the garden. My collections don't quite look right, and are hopeless in summer.

When in doubt...

When in doubt, plant a silver leafed Astelia in a blue pot, right? Spikes contrasting with the smooth - that seems to work well. And Astelias are tough enough to survive a little watery neglect. Leave the magical plant combinations to the experts, maybe?