Blue Lupin Flowers

 Beautiful either way.
BLue Lupins - or Blue Lupines?

Some of the delights of late spring in the Dog-Path Garden are very, very blue! They're lupins, which grow on the top of the small stone wall near the water. Lots of self-seeding goes on - helpful when the mother lupin plants start getting too tired.

Of course blue and yellow make a pleasing combination, and there are yellow flowers nearby to keep the lupins company. Unfortunately some gorse and broom shrubs often miss my eagle eye and sharp secateurs. What an irony that they have the brightest yellows in the garden, and are the worst pests!

I collect seed from the lupins and have always tried to keep this particular patch mono-coloured. But pink sneaks in! Other lupins grow on the opposite side of the water race - their flower-heads have some very pretty colour combinations.

Like my favourite gardening shirts which are blue, I have a real soft spot for blue flowers. They match my eyes, you see...


Thank you to Son-In-Law (a proper photographer) for taking this beautiful picture above and donating it to the Moosey web-site. He couldn't very well refuse, could he?

 Beautiful flowers.
Blue Lupins

Further Footnote

I've always spelt the word for the flower Lupin just like that. But my spell checker insists it's a Lupine. Now I thought that had something to do with wolves...