Copper Beech Tree

A Copper Beech tree is growing slowly but surely in the middle of the Dog-Path Garden. Perhaps I'll still be here gardening in twenty year's time, when it will be majestic and fully mature. As I should be, by then!

 Golden and beautiful.
Copper Beech Tree Leaves

The best time to appreciate this spreading tree is in Autumn, when the leaves colour dramatically to fiery golden. I limb it up so I can still garden underneath. I love it when the warmish autumn sun shines through the Copper Beech leaves.

 Surrounded by coloured Phormiums.
The Copper Beech Tree

Viewed from the back house lawn the Copper Beech tree is completely surrounded by New Zealand Phormiums. It's a colourful foliage grouping, that's for sure. And in winter, after leaf fall, those Phormiums certainly come into their own.