Purple Cotinus Smoke Bush

Further along the grass side of the Dog-Path Garden I've planted a Cotinus - we also call this a Smoke Bush. The leaves are a deep purply-wine colour, and are shown here in a stunning close-up photograph.

 Purple smoke bush.
Purple Cotinus - Smoke Bush Leaves

Sunlight shows up the veins in the purple leaves. The Cotinus shrub looks incredible in autumn, as the leaf colour includes pinks, reds, and bright oranges. The leaves are some of the last to fall in the Moosey garden.

 I bought the cotinus from my local nursery, at the named price!
purple cotinus and friends in 2002

Below is an older picture of the Cotinus with a frothy Gypsophila and a free bright red rose as companions. They have since been removed - and the Cotinus has grown up quite a lot.

 An older picture
Purple Cotinus and Friends in 1998

In the distance you'll see the rose pergola, which has just been erected, and looks slightly bare and rose-less.