Cornus Florida - Dogwood Tree

 Autumn splendour.
Cornus Florida - Dogwood 2012

A Cornus (Dogwood) tree has a space by the Dog-Path, sheltered from the southerly winds by existing Pittosporums. My records name it as Cornus florida. These photographs track its growth, and show off its beautiful autumn colours.

What a treat it is to check each autumn day to see how red the leaves have become. Then suddenly I am looking at a winter skeleton of branches and twigs!

Slow Growing

As this Cornus is a slow growing tree, I've been slow to react and clear the sheltering Pittosporum branches over the years. But it definitely deserves the airspace.

Three Dogwood Trees

I'm very glad that I chose to plant three Dogwoods in the gardens over the water race, when the gardens were first being developed. I loved their 'dogwood' name, which honoured the Moosey dog Taj and his obvious connection with the Dog-Path Garden. And I wanted to enjoy trees with three seasons of beauty, rather than be seduced by just flowers or just blossom.

The new trees were very exciting to plant - it was so hard to imagine them big and tall. I was lucky to have existing Pittosporums and Viburnum Tinus shrubs growing. These provided shelter and substance while the Dog-Path Garden was fresh and new.

 So beautiful.
Dog-Wood - Cornus Florida

I do hope that I've got the name of this tree right. Cross fingers! And look how tiny it was when first planted!

 Youthful pictures!
Cornus Florida - Dogwood