Dog-Path Garden Downstream

Looking downstream, the water race burbles along past the plants, shrubs, and flaxes of the Dog-Path Garden. This is a busy garden, full of surprises, and worth visiting on a hot summer's day.

The Dog-Path Garden

The pictures below show how quickly these new gardens have bulked out. It only takes three years for them to look well established - another two more and they're overgrown!

 Look at all those flaxes.
Dog-Path Garden Downstream - 2009

I blame the Head Gardener for planting the plants far too close together!

 With the Plank in the foreground.
Dog-Path Garden (2002)

The archive photographs below show the end of the Dog-Path Garden under construction. The piece of wood which spans the water race here is affectionately known as The Plank, and has become a Moosey Living Treasure.

 In spring families of ducks with their ducklings float past here.
Dog-Path Garden - 2000

There has been huge growth in this garden since it was first dug and planted. A few plants have been shifted, and a few mistakes have been made. But hey! That's part of the fun of developing new ground!

My trusty green wheelbarrow is perched at the end of The Plank.
the end of the dog-path garden (1999)

My signature Phormiums are everywhere - I adore these spiky New Zealand flaxes. They enjoy growing by the water, too.