Dog-Path Garden Images

The Dog-Path Gardens are always changing, as trees and rhododendrons grow larger each year. Maybe some Pittosporums will be chopped down, or limbed up. A path might be shifted, or even decommissioned. An over-sized Phormium might have to be removed. But the boundaries of this garden area have remained constant for a while now. Phew! Something has stayed the same.

As shrubs (mainly rhododendrons) and trees (mainly Dogwoods) grow, the amount of sunlight lessens. So many of the original roses have had to move on out. Then the gardener (me) plants even more trees...

This garden edges the water race, and that's never the same either. Ferns become too bulky and are removed. Just the other day I spied some rather healthy Gunnera plants which have self-seeded in the middle of the dog-path. Oops! Is it too late to remove them? Should they stay or should they go?

Actually the Ferns and Phormiums are the biggest movers and shakers - when they become too large I'll chop them down completely. But don't worry - neither is slow to re-sprout.

Here are my most recent images of the Dog-Path Garden. Many feature the autumn tree colours, and the koru theme pops up in the courtyard and garden sculpture. So beautiful!