I am very rude about the many Pittosporums growing here in my garden, speaking mainly about pruning and chopping them down. I need to set the record straight - Pittosporums are very beautiful foliage shrubs and trees.

 Both these are self sown.
Two Pittosporums by a Rustic Fence

Many things about Pittosporums make them the most useful shrub/trees. They will accept hard pruning without sulking - simply making fresh regrowth quickly. Thus a tree which has outlived its space in a border can be turned magically into a small leafy shrub.

Trees From Seedlings

Another good thing is that many types of Pittosporums provide seedlings, and as long as you transplant them early you can use them for filling in new gardens, forming screens, etc.

 The prettiest leaves.
Different Pittosporums

There are many different varieties, all having masses of beautiful leaves. Some leaves, like those of the Lemonwoods, are large, while others can be really tiny. They are evergreen, and you can choose between plain greens and subtle variegations.

 Lemonwood variety.
Pittosporum Leaf

Pittosporums are perfect for a quick growing screen, or to fill in the middle of existing gardens. The smaller leafed varieties give wonderful texture to a mixed shrubbery.