Driveway Bergenias

 Deep pink flowers.
Driveway Bergenias

The driveway Bergenias are beautiful edging plants. Throughout the year they provide neat, evergreen foliage, then in spring deep cherry-pink flowers appear. This is the famous Bressingham Ruby variety.

Edging Plants

The leaves of the Bergenias in the driveway border are always a little reddish. In the middle of winter they will be beautifully dark. I've planted these at the edge of the border so they can fall naturally over the stones.

From my original clump I've divided and replanted them on several more Driveway Garden edges. And I've given some away to gardening friends. Everyone loves the deep cherry pink colour of the flowers.

A brown tussock is planted directly behind the Bergenias and flops its hair-like strands all about. This area is quite dry, and these foliage plants perform well here.

 Just one turning red!
Autumn Bergenia Leaves

Bressingham Ruby Bergenias are known for rich autumn and winter colouring on their leaves. Bergenias are commonly known as Elephant's Ears, though I can't imagine a real elephant with this colour!

 A deep pink coloured flower.
Bergenia Bressingham Ruby