Down Come the Trees...

The Hump used to be a very difficult garden area - no irrigation, little sunlight, towering pine and gum trees. I tried making paths, planting natives, dragging in hoses, even planting rhododendrons and maples. What was I thinking? Nothing really worked. But in the winter of 2018 everything changed. Over three magical days the Hump trees were felled.

 Pretty fat! Not me, you understand...
Me on the Logs

Weeks were spent chainsawing (not me) and shifting logs (me, the medium to small ones). It's exciting to look back now over the process - from that first day the tree men scaled the first trees with their ropes and chains to the row upon row of logs lined up in the front paddock ready to be split.

 NGP hard at work at some pine branches, while Buster the cat tests out the gum tree logs
Down Come the Trees 1

Then the trailer loads of split wood, and the families able to be toasty warm in front of their wood burners for many winters to come. At the time the work of clearing the wood and mess seemed endless.

 Lots of work shifting all those log rounds.
Down Come the Trees 2

But by spring I had a beautiful sunny garden to fill with plants, new trees, and paths. And that's another story...