Sorbus Leaves and Berries

The last tree in the driveway border is a Sorbus, a neat medium-sized tree with neat elliptical green leaves and pink-toned berries. At certain times of the year you'll walk past this tree and notice a rather sickly smell.

 Sorbus berries drop to the ground well before winter.
sorbus berries

The berries are just beautiful, as are the changes of autumn leaf colour. The deciduous trees down the driveway always put on a terrific display in both Spring and Autumn. This sorbus tree has the most beautiful colour changes in late April, and I always try and take a photograph of the leaves. And then there are the cute pink berries....

 Possible the same photo as last year?
Autumn Sorbus Leaves

This is a delightful tree at all times, and doesn't seem to grow very fast. Its berries are particularly interesting.

 A Sorbus. And only the lowest leaves have gone red. Odd.
Early Autumn Leaves

But thanks probably to the birds, seedling Sorbus trees have popped up in other gardens. I love them, so I rend to leave them. Oops.