Firewood for Next Winter

In the middle of winter I truly appreciate the firewood that the Moosey garden generates. It seems that just enough timber falls down in the storms to provide for the following winter's warmth.

 Quite a beautiful red-brick colour.
Firewood From the Hump Trees

Individual trees in the Hump would often fall down. Then Non-Gardening Partner would chain-saw the branches up. My job was to collect the logs, dump the fatties in a pile to be split, and store the others. The woodshed was always well stocked, but not overflowing.

 This is the area which I desperately need to weed and clear!
Chain-Sawing Firewood in the Hump

In the winter of 2018 a small team of tree trimmers moved into the Hump. Down came dozens of huge pine and gum trees from the original shelter belt. Oh boy! Now there was enough firewood for three families for at least ten years! Four years later and we're still splitting the last of the rounds.

 All that firewood!
Helping with the Log Splitting