Blue Muscari

These beautiful blue spring flowering bulbs are often taken for granted, or told off for self seeding. They are, of course, Muscari (or Grape Hyacinths). They're most welcome in the Moosey spring garden.

 Beautiful blues.
Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)

I can't get enough blue to contrast with the yellow daffodils at this time of the gardening year. The clumps of blue flowers seem to last for many weeks.

 With assorted other plantings.
Muscari in the Garden

Spring Combinations

Here is a photograph of the edge of the Island Bed - you can see the contribution that a patch of blue flowers makes in the spring garden. The other plants in this picture are Bergenias (with beautiful pale pink flowers) and a hybrid New Zealand flax. These three plants are a beautiful spring combination.

There's also a lone surviving tulip - my tulip recovery programme hasn't functioned well for years! I don't lift them, and consequently they lose vigour and eventually disappear.

A gardening friend has some double Grape Hyacinths, which I'd love to get for my garden. I'm not sure how uncommon they are.

If you are one of those gardeners who considers the common, generous, beautiful, free-seeding Muscari a nuisance and tries to dig all the bulbs out, the Moosey Retirement Home for Unwanted Blue Spring Bulbs would be glad to hear from you!