All these different colours...
Sparaxias in Flower

If I am to be taken seriously as a gardener, then my garden must feature more flowering bulbs than just daffodils and tulips. And so it does - these Spraxias (or Sparaxias) arrived by accident (clinging to a daylily) and I love them!

From a Frost Free Garden

My very first garden was frost free, and had many clumps of these flowering bulbs which enjoyed the sun and warmth of late spring. I had the idea that they wouldn't appreciate the cooler more open country garden climate, so I left them all behind when I came to live at Mooseys.

Then happily a friend gave me some daylily clumps and the Sparaxias hitched a ride. Luckily they are planted in one of the warmest, most sheltered garden areas at Mooseys - the Stables Garden - and are slowly establishing themselves.

My gardening friend has swathes of these bulbs in her garden, and some of the flowers show subtle variations of colour and pattern. But the bright cherry red and yellow still are dominant. So if I get impatient I know where to get some more!

 So pretty!
Beautiful Sparaxias

These bright colourful flowering bulbs are South African. And I've always spelt (and said) their name wrong. Oops! But I'm not alone in that...

 What ridiculously colourful flowers!
Sparaxia Close-Up