Gladioli Flowers

Finally, a summer flowering flower grown from a bulb - well, actually a corm! Gladioli have a definite summer style. Like polyanthus plants they come in a gaudy range of bright colours. Like dahlias they are a symbol of the colour-filled suburban flower garden.

 Relaxing on a variegated Euphorbia.

Trendy gardeners allow patches of Gladioli species - I myself have been offered these more subtle flowers by gardening friends. But my collection of hybrid corms came from an old aunty-gardener. They've grown up, largely unnoticed, in the Stables Garden, where they've been allowed to lean rudely all over the neighbours.

A Stylish Mass Planting of Glads...

Let's hear it for the glads! This iconic flower was made popular as Dame Edna Everage's favourite bloom, and I'm very impressed with my flowery patch. However, as a mark of respect to the stylish (perhaps the Australian Dame is not included here) I have a mass planting of one colour - pink and white. Enjoy!

 A pretty yellow.
Floppy Gladioli

Recently in the Hump Garden I've planed two new patches of Gladioli, gifted from two different singing friends. They're just beautiful in mid-summer.