A little sweetie!
Trillium rivale

When my garden was new I bought a modest sized pot of Trilliums at a plant market, thinking them to be rather an elite plant. They were planted, and promptly forgotten about.

Spring Excitement

Then there was much excitement one spring when I noticed some white flowers. Initially I didn't know what on earth they were...

So my Trilliums had established themselves without me even knowing. Naturally I arrogantly expected them to expand to form a decent sized clump, or at least throw out seeds. But no - up they'd pop each spring, seemingly with the same number of nondescript white flowers as the year before.

I did wonder if I was responsible for their lack of performance - maybe I'd been forever treading on emerging shoots and breaking them? A busy gardener can feel so guilty, sometimes!

 The chalky dust on the leaves is pine pollen.
My New Trilliums

Now, years later, a rather exciting Trillium development has occurred in my garden. A plant breeder friend has given me some of his treasures, including two pots of the lovely little Trillium rivale (with accompanying seedlings). I've planted all the Trilliums together in the one place, and I'm hoping they'll bulk out. I promise I'll be patient, and I'll watch my footsteps during the next winter clean-up!

 So slow growing!
White Trilliums