Creamy White Daffodils

 The petals look like they're made of dress fabric.
Creamy White Solo Daffodil

Some gardeners think that all-white daffodils are the height of spring style. I'm very fond of those in my spring garden - I have some clumps of whites-only, as well as smaller solo whites in the mixed plantings.

The names of some white types involve the words ice and snow - rather pessimistic for a spring flowering bulb in New Zealand! I'm sorry I don't know what the names of my white daffodils are.

The solo white daffodil lives along the fence-line by the road. It came from the large bags of mixed bulbs which I purchased from a local daffodil farm.

Daffodils by the Path

Others of my white daffodils are rather tall, with lovely creamy fat frilly trumpets. The photograph below shows the clump by the front path. The potential style and good taste of this planting is rather destroyed at the moment by the positioning of my peeling and fading garden gnome in front of the flowers. Oops...

Creamy White Daffodil Group

The garden gnome has been removed from view, just for this picture. But his artistic spirit lives on...