Alyssum - Sweet Alice

It's nice to think that the first Alyssum plant came here with a bagged rose from my old garden. It's a perfect plant for dry areas like in the gravel by the Stables seat. I enjoy their white flowers which turn up in the driveway and in paving cracks on the front path.

 This is the perfect annual for popping up in nooks and crannies.
white flowers of alyssum

One year I tried growing a purply variety from seed. They grew, but no purple seedlings resulted. I plan to try again next spring, and I know there are also rose coloured seeds available.

 A sweet white flower.
Sweet Alice


Aha! With no intervention, and no purchasing of new seeds, totally randomly by accident, I seem to have acquired a purple Alyssum, growing on the stone edge of the Shrubbery. It's just delightful!

 Well - sort of purple!
Purple Alyssum

Now why on earth can't I get some of these flowers to grow deliberately from seed? Memo to self - if at first you don't succeed, sow again...