Orange Cosmos

Gardeners will know the normal types of cosmos, in colours of pink, lilac and white, but may not know this shorter form. I bought seeds two years ago, and used the grown plants as fillers for one of the new gardens over the water race.

 Orange cosmos needs to at the front of a border, as it is a small sized annual.
the orange version of annual cosmos

The colour of these Cosmos plants is a beautiful rich orange. They remind me of juicy tangerines. The petals have a soft daisy form.

The orange Cosmos plants will always be welcome seeders in my garden. I still collect their seed, though, and plan to introduce plants into more garden areas next spring.

Orange Cosmos Update

Oops. Not exactly 'next spring' but nine springs later I finally reinvested in a three dollar packet of seeds. Once again I have these little annual flowers to enjoy. It's now seriously mid-autumn, 2009, and they're still bravely flowering. Nice work! Must remember to collect the seeds...