The feathery leaves and delicate daisy flowers of Cosmos make them a favourite annual in the garden. I always look forward to the late summer days when they are at their flowering peak.

 These are the main colours which grow in my garden.
Coloured Cosmos Flowers

I first liked the look of white Cosmos flowers, and bought seed of both the tall and short white versions. From these, somehow, I have acquired the full range of colours, including a rather strong magenta.

Cosmos and Roses

I collect seed now from all the different colours, and get much enjoyment from natural colour combinations of Cosmos. One of my favourite colours is a pinky lilac, which I encourage to grow between many of my roses. Flowering time is perfect - normally just before the second major rose flowering period.

I'm glad that I bought those early seed packets of cosmos.
a close-up of a lilac cosmos

Even though I mulch the borders quite heavily over winter, somehow the seedlings still appear in late spring.

Springing Surprises

Of course they decide exactly where they want to be, and are forever springing surprises. They are never greedy for space - they just fit in, without squashing anything.

I can get a bit sick of the mauve ones towards the end of their season, and I did go through a trendy white phase earlier in my gardening life, ripping out all non-white ones. Bit silly really....