Brunnera Jack Frost

 In the shape of a heart.
Variegated Brunnera Leaf

Blue forget-me-not flowers pop up in many spring plants both annual and perennial - from the weedy Alkanet (aargh!) to Brunnera. Now this plant definitely is most welcome in my garden - especially the variety called Jack Frost with frosty silver shivers on its foliage...

I suspect that, like me, many of the more mature gardeners quite enjoy an old-fashioned detective novel, or a TV detective series. Inspector Morse hasn't to my knowledge given his name to any horticultural hybrid, but perennial lovers of the detective genre can be thrilled by the Brunnera called 'Jack Frost' (with thanks to the splendid British actor David Jason). That is, if we ever needed such a lame reason to buy such a great spring perennial.

Brunneras enjoy a temperate garden, a mixture of sun and shade, and some half-decent spring weather to look their flowery best. Unlike the shambling BBC detective of the same name, Jack Frost the Brunnera is elegant, robust, and a delight to find relaxing in your woodland garden.

 Beautiful foliage.
Brunnera Jack frost

The variegation is elegant, too - green with delicate silver highlights (sounds like a hairdresser's special). The charming heart-shaped leaves are large enough for even the most short sighted gardener to notice as she (or he) wanders past.

 Jack Frost
Blue Brunnera Flowers

I also grow the plain green variety, but it flowers rather unnoticed amid the flurry of annual blue forget-me-nots, and is thus rather unphotographed. Jack Frost is the Brunnera for me! And I must confess that I rather like the detective of the same name, too...