Euphorbia Myrsinites

This plant was found in a bargain bin, looking very small and insignificant, and without a label, though I suspected it was a Euphorbia. It was later correctly identified by Nicola Rubin as Euphorbia Myrsinites.

There are close to 2000 different species of Euphorbia.
euphorbia myrsinites

I planted it under the back fence, and started to worry. Would it survive the winter frosts? How big would it grow? The chains of bluey green leaves reminded me of a succulent, and I didn't totally trust the fence to give enough frost protection.

 Beautiful foliage in spring.
Euphorbia myrsinites

Now years later Euphorbia Myrsinites is still sprawling outwards, and the tips of its leaves have a pinkish flush. It's taken on a slightly grotesque Dr Zeuss look.


However, I will forgive this Euphorbia for being a little scruffy, simply because it is a Euphorbia, and this is a plant group which I'm trying to get to know better. As foliage plants all Euphorbias have subtleties, and nothing seems to eat them.