By the Koru sculpture.
Invasive Euphorbia

It's ironic that two of my worst invasive plants are both Euphorbias. And they are both colonising the Dog-Path Garden. Aargh! Should they stay or should they go?

Stay? Or Go?

On a lazy spring day like today I say 'stay'! After all, this is a semi-woodland garden area, and it's not designed to be neat and tidy or controlled. In truth the Dog-Path Garden is not designed at all - it gathered its own momentum and expanded quietly along the water race.

One of the Euphorbias is called Fens Ruby - I bought a tiny pot from a mail order nursery. Naturally I didn't know what would happen. Eek! But it's easy to pull out any pieces which get themselves onto the paths, or in any wrong places. And it's so little, and so pretty!

The other Euphorbia is a bit of a worry. Again it arrived as the tiniest piece, given to me by a gardening friend - well, I thought she was my friend. It's spreading to cover the little Koru garden where my standard Rhapsody in Blue roses are - they'd better be OK with these plants tickling their stems!

Euphorbia Fens Ruby

Before I go reaching for the weed-killer, I need to take a deep breath. In spring both Euphorbias look absolutely beautiful, so I guess they can stay - but they'd better behave!

 A favourite foliage plant.
euphorbia martini - 2001

In contrast, the larger Euphorbia shrubs like this Euphorbia martini are terribly well-behaved. They've been in the Dog-Path Garden for years, and produce just a few seedlings. They seem to grow well in sun or in shade.