Lilac Rhododendron

Along the back of the garage is a small artistic garden, full of oddments. My pride and joy in mid-spring is a happy lilac rhododendron, growing in the company of Hebes and a fat-leaved green Cordyline.

 Each spring this shrub gets bigger and better.
Lilac Rhododendron

I remember rudely uplifting the lilac rhododendron from a dry spot in Middle Garden, in the height of summer. I bundled it onto my wheelbarrow, and set off to find a new planting place. It overbalanced and fell off exactly here, at the back of the garage. I am a great believer in garden fate - so I decided to stop and plant it. Right here.

 Lots of growth.
Lilac Rhododendron and Cordyline - 2013

The surrounding garden then expanded, edge curves were re-dug, and other shrubs were hastily planted to make things look meaningful! And of course the first flowering season was hopeless. But my lovely lilac rhododendron is really happy now - I seem to have found the perfect spot.

 The Cordyline has split into multiple branches.
Lilac Rhododendron and Cordyline - 2010

I am also impressed with the way its subtle flower colour echoes the dull grey sheen of the unpainted garage. Hee hee - very subtle!

 This year the flowering has been wonderful.
Lilac Rhododendron and Cordyline - 2006