Adirondack Chairs

 Up the back of the house lawn.
Adirondack Garden Seats

An appreciative vote of thanks goes to the Moosey Non-Gardening Partner for (finally) building me a pair of wooden Adirondack chairs. NGP is a bloke of many talents, and (if he can be persuaded) builds wonderful garden furniture.

The Two of Us

There are basically two of us here in the Moosey Garden - the Head Gardener and Non-Gardening Partner. So a pair of chairs makes a nice, friendly statement - they sit side by side on the edge of the house lawn, inviting us to take afternoon tea and talk to each other. Unfortunately NGP approaches such moments with caution - will he be asked to build something else? Will something else in the garden need to be fixed? Useful chaps are rightly suspicious when they hear 'I made us a tasty snack - let's sit on the new chairs'.

Practical and Comfortable

The chairs are super-sized, and are extremely practical as well as comfortable. Often in the Moosey garden I find myself balancing a book, a hot cup of coffee, and an attentive cat determined to sit on my lap.

 The Adirondack chairs are beckoning...
Sit On Us...

Perfect for Cats!

The Adirondack design can accommodate such a combination with ease. One armrest is big enough for Fluff-Fluff the cat to relax on, offering a better sense of equilibrium than my squirming gardening knees. Perfect for cats!

My original interest in Adirondack chairs came from the garden Chanticleer in Pennsylvania, USA, which I was lucky enough to visit in 2009. This eclectic garden had many a chair pair, painted a bright colour, with artistically added swirls - obviously made for pairs of visitors to sit on and enjoy.

The look was friendly and inviting, and I immediately made NGP sit on them with me. Would he be able to build me such a pair, when we got home? Hee hee...

Wooden Adirondack Chair Pair

For a while I resisted painting the chairs. I wanted to see how the wood would weather, and I've always liked the rustic natural look. This could be called the 'can't-be-bothered-to-paint-them' look. But then I bought some really cheap pale green paint...

 A perfect pair!
Adirondack Seats

If you ever get the chance to visit Chanticleer, don't hesitate. Go there, and enjoy the seats. And the garden!

 Chanticleer has many seats for visitors.
Adirondack Garden Seats