Pond Decking Garden Furniture

The Pond Decking has always been the perfect place for some garden furniture. In the past I've hauled out plastic seats for friends to enjoy the sparkling summer water. Then the wind would come and blow them into the pond. Oops.

 With Pond Cottage in the background.
Pond Decking Table and Chairs

Finding a sturdy, cheap, second hand garden dining suite became one of my major plans. And here it is - a wooden table with four non-blow-away chairs, with a delightfully weathered look and no wobbly bits. Dining by the pond has become a pleasure, and I often take my morning or afternoon tea there.

 The Head Gardener and Fluff-Fluff the cat.
Pond Decking Garden Furniture

Hardly a minute goes by before a cat appears, and Rusty the dog will inevitably be sitting on the nearby grass waiting (hopefully) for a dog biscuit. The cat in this spring photograph is faithful cat Fluff-Fluff.

 An adventure for this normally house (and fridge) bound cat!
Tiger Cat Sits on the Pond Table

The floral umbrella (wonderful for shading the summer sun) cost me ten dollars. And it hasn't blown away yet...