Laundry Garden Seat

 That's me writing this article!
Writing and Sitting on Laundry Seat

The Laundry Seat is just a few steps away from the back door, and is built from wood recessed into a retaining bank of stones. This is a morning-sun seat, and is surrounded by herbs, lavenders, and quite a lot of buzzing insects. It's sheltered and comfortable.

There are different varieties of Thyme, Origanum, Marjoram, and a clump of chives, which together with the large lavender bushes make this a resting place of fragrant smells. Mugsy the cat is generally too timid to venture far from the house, so this is the perfect seat to sit with her.

Flowers for Every Season

In spring there are miniature yellow trumpet daffodils, red tulips, and blue ajuga to enjoy. In the garden immediately behind the seat are two daphne bushes, whose fragrance fills the air. In summer the golden Marjoram spreads to form a headrest. One of the last plants to flower, in late Autumn, is a salvia with bright scarlet flowers. It seems that the bees buzz through all the seasons. A person will be happy sitting here if they are confident about such things - this is a very buzzy seat.

 Painted, and covered with growing plants!
The Laundry Seat - 2008

Laundry Dreams?

But the Laundry Seat is just too close to the laundry to be a good dreaming spot. When I sit here in the sun I usually remember I haven't hung out the washing. I think of the soft smells of wind-dried clothing and my dreams are seriously interrupted. No gardening person can linger for long in such a situation.