Cane Patio Furniture

The Moosey indoor-outdoor flow comprises a decking and two paved patios - a lower and an upper. Obviously one tends to sit where the chairs and tables are, so until recently the upper patio has been used for drying clothes and little else. Ha! That's all changed!

 Hopefully nothing will break.
Cane Patio Table and Chairs

I am now the exceedingly proud owner of a ten dollar cane table and four chairs. The table is a great size, glass-topped, and the chairs are a rather nice design. The whole set is well-weathered but sturdy and well-made. Could this be genuine 'shabby chic'? Hmm...

 This photograph was taken in the rain.
Cane Furniture on the Upper Patio

Already summer meals have been enjoyed sitting on the upper patio near the Compassion roses. The view out to the house gardens is really rosy and colourful - and there in the distance is my stone retaining wall, the loveliest of garden features. Thank you in advance to Non-Gardening Partner for offering to 'fix' anything the ten dollar table and chairs needed, and for driving with the trailer to pick the furniture up - while genuinely not seeing the need for me to be buying it at all.

Garden Accessories

I've been accessorising my garden lately, and seats, benches, tables and chairs have been a particular focus. I've pointed out to NGP that ten dollars isn't much money - a half-decent concrete retro garden gnome sells for twice this amount - and I think he's coming round. Perhaps after a few more scrummy alfresco breakfasts and yummy evening meals...

RIP February 2014

Oh well. Great while they lasted (nearly six years), ten dollars of superb relaxing and the loveliest food.