Supersized Garden Seats

I've placed two 'chunky persons' garden seats either side of the Glass-House path. Note that I am not necessarily encouraging supersized garden visitors. But who wants to be squashed into a garden seat and instantly reminded of being on a long distance aeroplane?

 By the old Glass-House Garden.
Super-Sized Garden Bench #1

Non-Gardening Partner pointed out to me that it was easy to change the size of this style of garden bench. One simply cut longer or shorter pieces of wood. Oddly, I hadn't quite thought of that - but I declined his request to tinker with the bench size.

Birthday Presents

Both seats were discovered by me in a Charity shop and pounced on. They immediately became birthday presents from me to me - just in case I needed an excuse for redirecting some of the housekeeping money.

 By the new Glass-House Garden.
Super-Sized Garden Bench #2

They're much-sat-on, much admired, and provide the perfect place to discard layers of clothing when I'm heating up in the glass-house. Ans already are looking nicely weathered, with lichen growing happily over the old wooden slats.

 Covered in lichen!
Supersized Glass-House Garden Seats

No offence is intended by my rather 'sizist' turn of phrase used to describe these seats. Oops...