2014 Best Cat and Dog Calendars

In 2014 I collected the very best cat and dog pictures from older calendars and put them together. My Best of the Cats and Dog Calendars are sadly out of date now, but I don't want to throw the out. The Moosey cats and the dog have always been superbly photogenic! Enjoy!

 Featuring Little Mac and Minimus as kittens.
2014 Best of the Cats Calendar

Free Download

2014 Best of the Cats Calendar (PDF 50 MB)

2014 Best of the Cats Calendar January - June (PDF 24 MB)

2014 Best of the Cats Calendar July - December (PDF 26 MB)

The 2014 Best of the Cats Calendar has one image and one month's dates per page. These are great for printing off one at a time and pinning up on the kitchen noticeboard. Naturally, many of the cats have been photographed in the garden. You can peep at each of the months below.

Each year Rusty the Moosey dog would feature in a one-dog calendar, a Christmas present from me to Non-Gardening Partner. This would hang in Non Gardening Partner's office, admired by many a visiting electrical engineer.

 Love you, Rusty!
2014 Best of the Dog Calendars

Free Download

My 2014 Best Moosey Dog Calendar is in a PDF format, and can be downloaded and printed for no charge. There are fourteen pages in all. Some folk like to print off one month at a time for their noticeboards. In case the full file is annoyingly big for you to download, I've split the calendar into two parts. Here they are below

2014 Best Moosey Dog Calendar (PDF 89 MB)

2014 Best Moosey Dog Calendar - January to June (PDF 53 MB)

2014 Best Moosey Dog Calendar - July to December (PDF 36 MB)

Photographs of Rusty the dog usually all end up looking the same. There's greenery - maybe grass, or the leaves of a shrub. Then there's Rusty, pale cream and furry, with his 'posing-for-the-camera' face. Usually I've given him the stern 'sit, stay' command, so he's waiting for further instructions. Can I go now? Let me see - there's Rusty in the garden, Rusty in the garden, Rusty in his dog-chair, and - surprise - Rusty in the garden again...

Dogs do change their facial expressions, though the differences can be quite subtle, and often the dog-owner is the only person who can tell. Dogs can smile. They can look extremely thoughtful, and occasionally extremely bored. Not that a gardening dog should ever be bored... Hope you enjoy Rusty's one-dog calendar.

A High Quality Dog

Maybe the files are a bit big, but Rusty is a high quality red Border Collie dog. He is the best Moosey dog. He is the only Moosey dog...

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