Apres Gardening

Going Apres-Gardening requires changing into a clean body, and stylish, clean clothes - the comparison to Apres-Ski is obvious. And, of course, some serious gardening has to have taken place - this definitely an 'afterwards' situation!

 Clean shirt and pants.
Apres Gardening Clothes

The gardener will shower after a gardening session, possibly washing the hair, and change into elegantly simple clothes - a freshly ironed white linen shirt and clean blue jeans are popular. Apres-Gardening clothes are clothes which one would never, ever wear in a gardening situation - not even to rip out a single weed.

Flowing and Floating

Shirts normally flow and float over the bottom, while trousers are comfortable. Skirts and dresses are just too silly to be considered.

I know the word 'Apres' has an accent over the letter e, missing in action. You can blame all the old browsers in the internet gardening world for that!