Sneaky Watering

I'm one of the billions of gardeners whose favourite plants need water. Rain, of course, should do most of the irrigating. But often a little extra help is required, and sometimes one has to be subtle...

Let me introduce the concept of Sneaky Watering. This is the act of hiding a hose in the greenery, turning on the small pump, and trying to water bits of the garden without anyone knowing.

 Camouflaged by the greenery.
Sneaky Watering

This activity usually takes place in the middle of a sunny windy day, when Non-Gardening Partner considers it not at all sensible to be watering a garden. And since NGP is the one who maintains all the pumps, pipes, and hoses it's important to play along with him.

Hose ends are carefully pushed underneath plants so they can be unseen, and hoses are shifted every half hour. Tell-tale puddles on the driveway can be a give-away - then best excuse is to claim that the pots on the house decking were being watered.