Soonish (the ideal procrastinator's word) overseas visitors are arriving. I need to tidy up absolutely all the gardens, particularly those around the house, so as to create a good impression. This will distract my visitors from my lack of housework, hee hee. I have my priorities right.

 And red hot poker time as well!
Shasta Daisy Time

So far I have delegated the following tasks :

Naturally it is assumed that all the lawns will be beautifully mowed by Non-Gardening Partner. This goes without saying. I guess I do all the rest. Me, myself and I.

 Lots of Phormiums and ornamental grasses.
The Water Race

In the water...

Today it's been super-hot (for me, anyway) so I've been gardening in THE perfect place - standing in the water race in the shade, trying to dodge the spiky Gunnera stems as I scoop up stones from the race bottom. I'm 'resurfacing' the 'floor' around a wee waterside sitting area (the Oak Tree Seat, to be precise - hope those words in speech marks make gardening sense). I'm totally wet and muddy, but extremely refreshed and happy to be outside.

At this time of the year the Gunnera leaves are huge and strong, reaching over the full width of the water race. It's very difficult to sneak underneath without getting scratched (unless one chooses total immersion). So I forgive them? Oh yes, I do, even if they can be rather 'OTT'.

Silly dogs!

The dogs chased a few sticks downstream, then got bored with me and went off to bark at the lawn mower. It was innocently sitting in the garage, switched off, minding its own business, I might add. Silly dogs! It's like they think they can goad it into action.

Sunday 21st January

Huge excitement for the dogs - they barked at the lawn mower just now and it barked back! In other words, Non Gardening Partner is mowing the lawns early, before it gets too hot. So I thought I should join him and simultaneously do some of the edges.

 Mister Chunky!
Brown Dog Stretch

We are going out to a morning tea birthday party with the dogs and the little people. Escher (the big brown GSP x Chocolate Lab) will be there! I love Escher. He is such an uncomplicated dog.

 All self-sown.
Pittosporum Seedlings

Hmm. This morning I woke up missing my choirs. I look after (AKA boss around) two choirs, and rehearsals start in a couple of weeks. I have lots of great new songs to start us off. Tra la la!

Much Much Later...

I have been so good. First I potted up some little Pittosporum tree seedlings. They're the eugenioides (Lemonwood) variety, lovely growers and providers of evergreen screening shelter. I have enough to sell at the gate (but I won't).

Then I spent three more hours in the water race cleaning up the banks. Yet more tiddley little Gunnera seedlings - what to do? I am such a soft touch. I love them. I started at Willow Bridge and slowly sloshed my way downstream. Now the Dog-Path Garden's waterside 'dog-path' is weeded, the lupins trimmed, and the stone wall is repaired. I also trimmed some of the Phormiums. Slosh slosh I went, happy and cool, flinging weeds and sludge out onto the lawn, getting water and mud all over me. Not a good time to get any visitors. Phew! There weren't any.

 Fresh running water from the nearby river.
The Water Race