Taking ages...

 Covered in fallen Wisteria leaves.
House Patio

Funny day. One of those gardening days where it took ages to accomplish very little. It's that dratted bonfire. I worked hard at it, barrowing and burning. Just one more load, I kept telling myself.

No leaves on the bonfire...

And no leaves allowed - they go in bags. Except gum tree leaves. I plodded past piles of them. Oh heck. And the patio is covered in Wisteria leaves. Into bags they can go, too. All leaves except the gums. Environmental rule.

When I stopped, three hours had passed. I'd been clearing the mess by the shipping container - lots of dead grasses, branches of gum trees, and so on. Could see little improvement. But I know that cleaning up in my garden works like this. I shut my eyes and do the same amount tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and so on, then - yippee! I have made a difference!

Before I went inside, Buster my mysterious black cat popped out of hiding to pose for the camera. Buster is an elusive photography subject - I need her eyes and white throat visible, otherwise she just looks like a black blob.

Friday's Animal Update (sorry about this)

Winnie the dog is settled and snoozing in her crate. She's on painkillers and antibiotics, and only comes out for toilet walks. Dear dog. So this is the perfect time to work on Pebbles' dog manners. We are walking on the retractable lead again, to 'force' some personal contact and control (and hopefully curb her in-your-face barking).

 All healed - the dark lines are just dried blood. Sorry about this.
Fred's Tummy Wounds

Fred is allowed outside...

I am pleased to report that I've removed Black Fred's cat collar, and he has been allowed outside. Now he is back in, and threatening to pee in my jigsaw box. He wouldn't, would he? Cross fingers that he stays out of trouble and doesn't try and take down a possum again. For the viewing pleasure of the non-squeamish, here is a photograph of the healed tummy I have been twittering on about.

Pebbles and I have successfully completed a couple of lead walks. Early days, I know, but I have to do something positive in order to enjoy her company. Now it's time for some gardening. Aargh! There's no wind - guess I'll be bonfiring.

Much Later...

After collecting and burning six barrowloads, I was fading fast. So I tricked myself into keeping going. Five more barrow-loads, I said in my most serious, quasi-scolding voice. However, if I unearthed any of my lost hand tools, I could stop, go get my bottle of cold water, and poke at the fire.

Black Buster the Cat

And yes! It worked! Three barrow-loads later I uncovered one of my newish hand scrapers (with an aqua blue handle), and a bright red pair of secateurs (a bit rusty, oops). Ha! That water tasted amazing.