Roses 2021

So many roses are flowering now - it's time for a dedicated rose page. Is it possible that I have too many roses in my garden? Hope not. Don't think so. No way!

 Lightly fragrant.
Rambling Rector Rose

They look beautiful in amongst the greenery and foliage of the other shrubs and trees. There's so much variety, too - large ramblers, fussy little miniatures, fluffy David Austin English roses, my favourite rugosas...

Many have been relocated into the Hump Garden, where they have more room, more sunshine, and lots of horse manure. And last year I allowed myself to buy some new rugosas. So the Hump Garden is exceptionally rosy - it's quite delightful.

 Photograph from seven years ago, when he was flowering properly.
Paul Transon Roses

Not just a gushing rose page

The scents, the sights, the colours of my roses are just wonderful. But this is not just a gushing rose page with pretty pictures - it also has to be an honest account of the state of my garden.

RIP Paul Transon

So it is with some sadness I wish to record the imminent demise of the huge scrambler-rambler woodshed rose, identified some years back as Paul Transon. He's now more than ninety percent dead wood, a sorry sight.

So Non-Gardening Partner is going to pull him to pieces with the tractor, hopefully this weekend. Then I'll bonfire the mess. Oops. Sorry for the gruesome details.