The sun is back!

Finally the rain has stopped here. The birds know - they were much noisier and busier first thing this morning. The cats can now be out and about without getting drenched.

 A wonderful sight.
Sun! Yeay!

There's actually some sunshine - and blue sky! Yeay!

A special week for worriers...

It's a special week for dog-worriers (that's me, a little bit). Winnie goes to her vet for her first post-op checkup - one week after her surgery. Apart from a couple of 4am squeaking sessions (needing to toilet) she's been very settled in her crate.

And it's a special week for world-worriers (that's me, too) - I've been called in this Friday for my first Covid vaccine shot. Yeay! Am very relieved about this.

 Beautiful in the sun!
Late Maple Colour

I could do some garden work this morning - raking wet leaves into bags seems like a good choice of activity. Have been house-bound for three days, dry, safe, and pretty happy. No point in fighting nature, is there?

Just get on with it...

And not much point in over-worrying, though lots of thinking and caring is fine. Just get on with it, is my advice to me. And if I can't think of an 'it' to get on with, do some housework. Hmm.