A Four Piece Dog Pack

The brown dogs are coming for an afternoon in the country. Eek! Haven't told my two Collies just yet. It will be the most exciting thing that's happened to them all week! And what's the most exciting thing that's happened to me? Finding the beautiful David Austin rose Lichfield Angel flowering again, profusely, the blooms managing (for once) to hold themselves upright.

 By the Herb Spiral.
Lichfield Angel Roses

Later : so here we all are, a four piece dog pack, two browns and two black and whites. All we have done is go for lots of short walks - a few too many dogs to do any gardening.

Four-Piece Dog-Pack

This is only Frida's second time here without her (human) parents, and she certainly responds to being called. But Escher keeps wandering off out of sight, and is much slower to return. I worry that his nose will get him into trouble (it used to, when he lived here).

Slightly later...

Oh the joy of four dogs! And trying, for example, to take a sensible photograph of them all. The collies are barking mad, Frida charges around like a spotted fiend with ten elbows, and Escher has already found a fallen bird's nest filled with rotten eggs. Oh joy. Four cats (well, more like five if I count Speckles the stray) are so much easier to organise.

 Not sure which one.
Fred the Cat

Next day...

The brown dogs have gone home, and cat peace is restored. Both Fred cats are back, strutting around their house and garden. Speckles and Minimus have had a good breakfast. We three sat on the verandah together, Speckles on one side of me watching Minimus on the other side being patted and stroked. Hey Specks! This is a really nice feeling for cats - you should try it sometime!

My plan is now to stack the first trailer load of wood in the woodshed. Then I will weed the nearby garden. No, change that. I MIGHT weed the nearby garden. Depends on the sun.


I think that gardening with four dogs would be very interesting. Am not sure I'd get very much work done - there'd be a lot of calling, checking, and finding. Maybe I'll stick with two.