Moosey's Garden Mail Box

 Moosey writing in the garden.
Moosey writing

When I first moved out to the country my experiences with e-mail were rather limited, and the rural delivery mail was the way.

On work days I'd return home, and drive up to the functional regulation aluminium rural delivery mail box with its bullet hole (courtesy of some frustrated rabbit shooter?). The door had a very strong spring system which would snap shut, trapping any arm or hand or fingers slow enough to still be inside.

Now, like lots of people, I send and receive more e-mail and less traditional mail. If you enjoy visiting my garden, I'd love you to write to me. Help me identify the unknown plants (I'll mail you a full sized photo if it will help), tell me which parts of the garden you like the most, and please give me your suggestions about the garden or the website.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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