Spring Blossom

Spring in the country garden - so what would my favourite photographs be of? Fluffy new lambs? Aww... Maybe snowdrops, bluebells, or sunny daffodils? I know - how about spring blossom?

 Such pretty colours.
Malus and Elm Tree in Spring

I've collected my best spring blossom images together. Blossom beauty is ephemeral, and I never expect the trees to look quite as beautiful as they do. I love the fluffy pink and white look in spring, while many of my blossom trees have later, autumnal riches to offer.

Thrice blessed is the gardener who has the room to grow different varieties of flowering cherry, or crab-apple, or other such trees. Enjoy while the spring blossom is new, before rude winds blow all the prettiness away and the garden becomes covered with pink and white blossom-snow.

Then look forward to the beautiful green leafy summer shade that will follow, and the fiery thrills of autumn.