David Austin's Othello and Crown Princess Margareta.
Favourite Roses

The following links are a collection of the Moosey favourite websites. They form a rather messy collection, from garden sheds to painters. But please remember that gardeners are allowed to be a little random - even if they insist on writing lists, and seem to be in control and well organised.

Mooseys Country Garden is non-commercial, and we aren't selling anything, so our relationships with our favourite sites is very uncomplicated. In the art favourites you'll find artists and craftspeople who've got some inspiration from my photographs of flowers and pets. I love this recycling of images.

The very first gardening web-site I ever visited is included - I'm sure the writer had no idea who or what she was inspiring! From little acorns mighty oaks do grow... Some of the first bloggers I met have also popped up in this list, though I have lots of others on a page of their own. Be sure to check my proper blogs links pages.

Absolute Favourite

 Daffodils Thomas Pickard Photography
Even if Thomas wasn't the Moosey Son-In-Law I'd be swept away by his photographs. Antarctica, the Arctic, the Maldives - where hasn't this artistic chap been? Please check his website out.

Favourite Garden Sheds

 Daffodils Readers Garden Sheds
This is THE classic garden shed site, with amazing pictures. Readers are encouraged to 'share their sheds'. I want one.

Art Favourites

 Daffodils Pamela Gatens' Watercolours
I am incredibly biased towards this wonderful artist, who has chosen my beloved white cat B-Puss as an inspiration. She exhibits in West Virginia, and also sells cards and paintings on-line. Do check out B-Puss the beautiful!
 Daffodils Herb Jung's Paintings
Visit Canadian Herb's online studio - you'll see some beautiful paintings, some inspired by the Moosey roses.
 Daffodils Neelima's Watercolours
Neelima is a watercolour artist whose work is spiritual and delicate. You'll find some Moosey-inspired flowers hidden away in her gallery.

Other Favourite Gardening Sites

 Daffodils Winsford Walled Garden
A beautiful garden and impressive restored Victorian greenhouse in North Devon, south-west England. The family also run a B&B and garden tours. And I've been there to visit them! A must, if you are in England.
 Daffodils A Small Irish Garden
The website which inspired us to create www.mooseyscountrygarden.com.
 Daffodils The Inadvertent Gardener
In September 2005, Genie moved to Iowa City. In April 2006, she decided to overcome her black thumb heritage and plant some herbs in a couple of pots. Next thing she knew, she had a garden. It's amazing what she'll do for a good tomato.
 Daffodils Chloes Garden
The musings of a gardener (called Chloe) in Victoria, Australia, as she attempts to reclaim her paradise from the weeds. Delightful - gardening with cockatoos sounds rather interesting!
 Daffodils My Garden
A wide range of rare and unusual plants in a small private garden in Wales, UK, with an emphasis on wildlife and biodiversity.
 Daffodils Turning Earth
A great site from a small Yorkshire garden. Here is another gardener who loves cats and who also loves writing about the garden.
 Daffodils Wigandia
William Martin's Australian garden has received international renown, for his artistic eye and also planting for a dry climate. Half way up Mt Noorat in Victoria, the garden has unique sculptures mixed in with native planting. Gorgeous photography too!
 Daffodils You Grow Girl
A beautifully designed site for the garden enthusiast - sharing knowledge and thoughts about gardening, including articles contributed by professional gardeners.