Garden Blogs - One

 Moosey has been writing in her garden journal for nearly ten years.
Gardening with the boots off

Like Moosey, many gardeners like writing about their gardens almost as much as doing the gardening. Weblogs, or blogs, are an easy way to keeping up-to-date with the developments in people's gardens around the world.

Garden weblogs can be read either through an internet browser, or sometimes also with an RSS news feed reader. News readers are hugely popular in the US, and are slowly taking off in other countries. The Moosey Country Garden news desk has gathered many of the gardening RSS news feeds.

Moosey updates her journal nearly every day, sometimes more than once a day, depending on whether her 'day job' is getting in the way. The most up-to-date gardening blog can be found here. The forum also has a section for our visitors to record their own garden journals. And there's second page of blog links for you to enjoy

Top Blogs

 Daffodils Daffodil Planter
The best serious and funny garden blog in the world! No more words needed, just be sure to visit Daffodil Planter.
 Daffodils Ilona's Garden Blog
Ilona gets top marks for her blog, and she said really nice things about the Moosey webmaster's skills! Thanks, Ilona.
 Daffodils Shirl's Gardenwatch Blog
Shirl writes about her garden and the birds that visit. It's a great blog - pictures of the wildlife and the garden will definitely inspire you! Scottish gardens are very, very beautiful, as I found out on my visit during the summer of 2007.

Gardening Blogs & Journals

 Daffodils Skyler's Blog
Skyler is one of my Moosey Forum friends - we've even posted gardening books to each other. You'll love her website, which has all sorts of lovely things growing in it - particularly her journals.
 Daffodils Robin's Blog
Robin's blog is absolutely wonderful. Where does she get the time to write so well, take such lovely photographs - and garden as well? Her stories are really friendly - there's much to enjoy!
 Daffodils Cold climate gardening
Advice and information from Kathy about gardening in a cold climate - up-state New York.

Australian Garden Blogs

 Daffodils A Growing Delight
The idle comments of a passionate Australian gardener, whose 'Growing Delight' is sharing the everyday bits'n'pieces with other lovers of gardening.
 Daffodils Chloe's Garden
Musings of a Gardener in Victoria, Australia, as she attempts to reclaim her paradise from the weeds.

More Gardening Blogs

 Daffodils Gardening with Soul
A cottage garden in North Carolina, full of beautiful roses.
 Daffodils Hidden Garden
Steph in the garden - a weblog from a garden in Pennsylvania, USA.
 Daffodils Horticultural
Jane Perrone's organic gardening blog. Jane gardens in the UK.
 Daffodils North Country Maturing Gardener
The North Country Maturing Gardener is a master gardener from living in Northern New Hampshire, USA.