Garden Fountains

 A sunlit spanish fountain photographed in the Carmen of the Martyrs Garden in Granada, Spain.
A Sunlit Spanish Garden Fountain

My garden isn't lacking in water features - a water race cuts the section in half, and frogs and trout call the pond home.

My recent wiggly stream experiments have shown me that water still has the upper hand in my garden. All of my water features are functional.

Water flows where ever it has to, not where I want it to.

The irrigation sprinklers put on an impressive display at sunset but somehow they aren't enough. Something is lacking. My garden needs a proper fountain!

 a stray cat drinks from a marble garden fountain in Granada Spain
A Stray Cat drinks from a marble fountain

I have been dropping subtle fountain hints to Stephen the garden engineer for some time now. He knows I am rather taken by elegant Italian marble wall fountains and he agrees that a tiered oak barrelled fountain would be easy to build, but no progress has been made. I will bide my time until the rose arches are finished then drop some more subtle fountain hints.

In the meantime you'll have to make do with a collection of my favourite garden fountain links.

Water fountains for gardens

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A Wrong Garden uphill water fountain
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