Garden Picture Galleries

 A contrast of size and texture.
Think Big - Think Small

Think of all the beautiful things there are to photograph even in the smallest garden - from vistas and landscapes to dew drops and bees collecting pollen. There are colours of flowers, patterns of foliage, and textures in plant borders.

The following links are loosely grouped together under the heading 'Garden Pictures'. They represent a variety of images of gardens and gardening. Some sites will provide a visual commentary on gardens and their plantings, while others may be truly artistic.

Garden Images and Photography

 Daffodils NZ Plant Pics
Paul Ashford has an impressive collection of New Zealand Native plant photographs - the Phormium photos are my favourites.
 Daffodils Berkeley Botanical Garden Image Collection
Photographs of the Botanical Gardens organised by collection.
 Daffodils Floral Radiographs : The Secret Garden
Floral radiographs are x-ray of flowers and are a wonderfully different way of looking inside flowers without mulching them.
 Daffodils Flower Community Gallery
Large variety of flower photgraphs and photographers.
 Daffodils Japanese garden photography
Beautiful garden and flower photos from Japan