Garden Statues & Sculptures

  Hopefully there will be more garden art at Mooseys soon...
Not exactly a garden statue

Garden art can be a few simple stones placed artistically, or sophisticated carved stone sculptures and statues.

Moosey's garden doesn't have many garden statues & sculptures at the moment... save for this rather elderly gnome, if he counts.

Moosey's article on garden art describes her collection. You might find a garden gnome, a terracotta angel, and a set of hens which don't need feeding - definitely not art!

This collection of websites includes art made by creative gardeners and professional artists.

Sculptures, Statues & Art

 Daffodils Garden Statue Studio
On-line statues of all sorts of garden visitors - Buddhas, fairies, gnomes, animals...
 Daffodils Art studio Margarito
Italian traditional stone cutters, carving sculptures and architectural ornaments in the typical limestone of Lecce, Italy. The collection includes stone fireplaces, reliefs and statues, water fountains and elements for gardening, religious stone sculptures, stone tables and consoles.
 Daffodils Celtic Garden
The beautiful Celtic Garden in Ontario, Canada has a collection of castles, sculptures, willow structures and standing stones.