Garden Blogs - Three

 And so are cats?
Gardeners Are Nice People

Just as my garden keeps on expanding, more and more areas of the internet have new garden blogs growing, flowering, and flourishing. It's nice to know that so much gardening blogging is going on - gardeners are, after all, the nicest possible people.

Anyone Can Blog

Any gardener can start a blog - they don't need a certificate, or experience, or even much money! Just a computer, a garden, some time, and a love of gardening. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

And what a wonderful way to meet new friends from all over the gardening world and follow their adventures. Gardeners tend not to have disgracefully overblown egos, either - we've all made major mistakes, and realised that we don't know even half of everything. The joy of gardening is keeping on, trying, trying...

Enjoy this, my third list, of great gardening blogs to visit from all around the world.

More Top Blogs

 Daffodils William's Garden
William gardens in North Wales.
 Daffodils Juliet's Garden
A gardener after my own heart! Juliet's garden is in Australia.
 Daffodils Karly's Garden Blog
You'll enjoy this Australian garden blog.

More New Blogs - New For the Moosey Links, Anyway

 Daffodils Rosie's Garden Blog
Rosie gardens in Perthshire, Scotland.
 Daffodils Christine's Garden Blog
Christine gardens in Alaska - a Last Frontier gardener!
 Daffodils Julianne's Garden Blog
Julianne gardens near me - in Christchurch, New Zealand.