Generally Gardening

A Dog Extremely Bored With Gardening

Here is a collection of general gardening sites, and sites which have sections of gardening interest.

Taj-dog doesn't seem to be particularly interested in anything on this page, but hopefully you'll find something to explore. Taj-dog, after all, is a rather old and slow dog - his sense of exploration is well and truly gone.

There are both big and small sites represented in this list. They should all make some reference to gardening - well, that's certainly the plan, anyway! Enjoy!

General Gardening Sites

 Daffodils About Gardening
A comprehensive gardening site, with regularly updated articles.
 Daffodils Blossom Swap
A dedicated gardening site which includes tips, photos and a seed exchange, all with a smile!
 Daffodils Boxted Berry Farm
If you are interested in growing soft fruit in your garden (such as strawberries and raspberries), this site has information about the different varieties grown on this English country farm.
 Daffodils Gardening Launch Pad
The Gardening Launch Pad is a comprehensive directory of links - nearly all of which are non-commercial.
 Daffodils Grass Guide
Lawn management information.
 Daffodils Handyman
Described as 'a virtual shed for real kiwi blokes', this site has lots of practical advice on DIY and garden topics.
 Daffodils YourGarden.Com
Lots of garden resources.
 Daffodils Suite 101 - Plants and Animals
Suite 101 has a network of writers.