Assorted Gardening Sites

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A Private Place

Gardening is a hobby (or obsession) shared by so many people in so many different countries throughout the world. Indeed the world seems a much better and smaller place whenever gardeners can get together.

It's nice to talk about our pride and joy and meet others. A garden website solves perfectly the problem faced on days that are too rainy or snowy or stormy or sunny by gardeners who are sick of writing lists and tidying the glass-house.

The very first garden I ever visited was the personal site of a small Irish garden. It inspired me to have my own, and I've returned there often. Some gardening sites I visit are encyclopaedic in their informative content - others (like Mooseys) prattle on and try not to make too many mistakes. Visiting other gardens across the hemispheres continually amazes me - how can it be hot summer over there when Mooseys is dark and far too wintry?

I hope you will enjoy the following links to an assortment of gardening websites. It's heartwarming to read and share other gardeners' dreams. It's the perfect way for shy gardeners who refuse to holiday away from their land to meet new people and make new friends.