Animals in the Garden

 Taj is a labrador alsatian cross with a bit of sheepdog in him.
Taj on the Dog Path

Many gardeners share their gardens with animals - some welcome, some not. In different parts of the world the native animal visitors can have an impact. Then there are domestic pets - particularly cats and dogs - which all gardeners should love...

The Moosey garden is home to many animals - cats, a dog, some mallard ducks, New Zealand native bellbirds, plus a host of other critters. Ladybirds and assorted beneficial insects are always welcome. Aphids and rabbits, however, are not. Regrettably at the moment there is a shortage of frogs.

Animal lovers are always ready to share their experience with others. The following are links to animal websites.

Cat Rescue

 Daffodils Cats Rescue Christchurch
This is the web-site for my local Cat Rescue group, who do wonderful work cleaning up the feral cat problem.
 Daffodils Cats Protection
Cats Protection is the oldest and largest feline welfare society in the UK. They have online information leaflets, including one giving advice on Cats and the Garden in the Living in Harmony section.
 Daffodils SCAD Bangkok website
In 2009 Daughter of Moosey went to work in Bangkok. Their street cats and dogs need heaps of help!
 Daffodils Alley Cat Allies
I learnt about the Trap Neuter Return programme for feral cat colonies from this great site.


 Daffodils Kinross Folds - Cattery
There are millions of cute cat sites, but Kinross Cattery, breeders of Scottish Folds, has really impressed me. To quote from their home page - Cats are delightful, endearing, funny, beautiful, and entertaining. Yet, more than all these, they are our friends! You'll love checking out the photographs of these lovely cats with folded ears, as well as peeping at the assortment of cat-lover pages. The Moosey cats (whose ears stick up) are quite envious of the sleek Scottish Fold look...